Inspiration is Just a Blog Post Away

I have read a lot in the past 5 weeks, and though unfortunately I may not remember every author and post title, the message has stuck and in turn inspires and influences me to continue to grow. Here are three though that really resonated with me as I truly find the power of a strong PLN.


“What Opportunities are you Creating for Yourself” @AnnickRauch‬


  •  I connected deeply to this post because as a nomadic family we have had 4 big moves in my professional career (CA, VA, Japan, and back to CA). As much as this has always been a challenge I think professionally it has been a blessing because it pushes me to adapt, overcome, and seek opportunity.


“Exploring 2020 Vision”  @nankr1120

  • I loved how Kristen mentioned that nobody has ever asked where you see learning in 5+ years. We love to talk about the future and try to make predictions, but why don’t we talk about how this effects learning? It’s almost as if talking about change in education is a taboo subject. Maybe because it’s a sacred piece of childhood for many, and one fears it becoming a distant memory? Either way, it was very thought provoking and a good read.


“Find Your People”  @TheEdSandbox

Find Your People

  • Emily beautifully wrote exactly how I have felt in the last year about “my people”. Twitter has opened my professional world beyond what I could have ever imagined. It has pushed my thinking, confirmed my notions, and supported my thoughts. It’s nice to see another wonderful educator on a similar path in the Twitter world.

So thank you to my PLN, and all those amazing educators that put themselves out there to be heard, and in return have inspired me along the way.

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