If teachers leave school less curious

Kindergarten, the mystical grade many still feel that day in and day out it’s the last true classroom world of curiosity and wonder. Then I sat back one day and found that this magical world was stripped away for me due to fear and pressure. More worksheets and scripted curriculum appeared as the “answer” to meeting the standards. With that, exploration went out.

Then I took a step back and reminded myself that it’s the people who make the learning happen, not the worksheet. I readjusted my perspective, and found what I think is the peaceful valley between rigid and a little too open ended.

So today when I think of who we are in kindergarten I say…











We are authors…










And readers.












We are engineers…..









And problem solvers…..











We are presenters….










And teachers….

We are creative…

And start conversations with “I wonder..” and “I noticed…”










We question the norm and push the boundaries…


We prove to the big people that the little people are just as capable.

And we even begin to feel empowered enough to help others no matter their age, or the problem at hand.


In other words, with pride I can say…


Every day not only do I try to open up the world of wonder with each student, but they themselves make me more curious than the day before. They push me to challenge the norm. They prove to me that with guidance, the world is at their fingertips. They make me wonder, question, and think. They push me to problem solve, read more, and even write.

They make me think…

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